Residential Solar Modules


Residential Solar Products

Sharp residential solar systems give homeowners the ability to generate their own clean, green energy from the sun. Homeowners are lowering their monthly electric bills and reducing their concerns over energy rate hikes. And in most states, solar homeowners can sell their excess electricity back to the utility at the full retail value, further reducing their energy costs.

Model NumberDescription
ND-Q235F4 235W Module
ND-Q230F4 230W Module
ND-F2Q235 235W SunSnap Module


Commercial products


Commercial Solar Products

It's been nearly a half-century since Sharp's first reliable solar-power solution was used in a lighthouse. It's also when our vision for a clean, solar-powered world led us to develop solar systems for a broad range of applications. From satellites, telecommunications, water pumps, remote houses and safety signals, to grid-tied homes, businesses and large solar farms, Sharp has manufactured a variety of products that harvest abundant, inexhaustible solar energy — all to deliver electricity. Nearly five decades and countless innovations later, we're a global leader in solar, providing the systems to power more homes and businesses than any other solar manufacturer in the world.

Today, we offer a vast portfolio of proven solar solutions, including both monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon. And we continue to look forward, developing new technologies for future generations of solutions, all leading to higher-value products for your application.

Commercial Solar Modules

* Includes Ontario contents which contributes to the content requirement of the OPA FIT and MicroFIT program

Model NumberDescription
ND-240QCJ 240W Module
ND-235QCJ 235W Module
*ND-H230Q2 230W Module
*ND-H235Q2 235W Module
*ND-H240Q2 240W Module
NS-F135G5 135W Module
NS-F130G5 130W Module



Utility-scale products


Utility-Scale Products

Thin Film, Wide Impact.

For 30 years, Sharp scientists have researched, invented and improved solar cells made of very thin layers of semiconductors. In 2005, our first manufacturing line for fully-tested and market-ready thin film was up and running. From there we set forth on a powerful mission - to make thin film solar the technology of choice for multi-megawatt-scale power production. To meet this milestone, we continue to advance our technology and manufacturing capacity. In 2008, capacity met 160 megawatts of thin-film modules, as we simultaneously built the world's most advanced thin film manufacturing complex, capable of one gigawatt of thin film production per year.

Sharp's thin film offers reliability, long life, high efficiency and value. Our selection of silicon as the basic semiconductor springs from our exceptional knowledge of silicon thin films, based in part on our world-leading LCD technology and scientific knowledgebase, access to abundant raw material, environmentally friendly manufacturing (and end-of-life disposal) and performance relative to other thin film semiconductors.

These modules are made with less than 1% of the silicon used in our crystalline lines and are manufactured using automated equipment in fewer steps. This means a step-function change in cost per watt and a lower effective cost per kilowatt hours for large-scale applications.

With thin film, we address the emerging market for utility-scale solar power, especially for very large scale ground-based installations in hot climates where abundant open space is available. For every kW of rated power, thin film delivers more kilowatt hours-up to 10%-than its crystalline-silicon cousin, due to substantially greater resistance to losses caused by typical mid-day operating temperature.

Download the Utility-Scale Products brochure.

Utility-Scale Solar Modules


Model NumberDescription
NS-F130G5 Frameless Thin Film
NS-F135G5 Frameless Thin Film
NA-V121HR IEC Thin Film
NA-V128HR IEC Thin Film
NA-V142H5/NA-V135H5 IEC Thin Film
NA-V115H1 UL Thin Film
NA-V121H1 UL Thin Film
NA-V128H1 UL Thin Film
NA-V135H1 UL Thin Film



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